Activities before coup d'etat of 1977

During his term as Chief Minister, Prime Minister and later President - Sir James attended several conferences under the aegis of - American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA); The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA); The United Nations (UN); Association International des Parlementaires de Langue Fran?aise (AIPLF) and was the keynote speaker at UNESCO Summit in Nairobi, Kenya in 1977.


Activities during years in exile (1977-1992)

During his years in exile in London was active as an International Trade Consultant; Joint-venture specialist and entrepreneur; President of Berlin European Airways (1987 to 1990); President of International Promotion Marketing and Development Ltd; (IPMD Ltd.); Director Pembroke Capital Aircraft (Shannon) Ltd.; Consultant Mercandia Shipping BV Ltd.; Consultant to Midland and Scottish Resources (Oil Exploration) Ltd.; Consultant to Germania Flugg GMBH of Germany. In fact, since 1965, he has been a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Promotion of Art Manufacture and Commerce of the United Kingdom. Also whilst in exile, he founded The Crusade for Restoration of Democracy in Seychelles and was Lecturer on "The Struggle for Power in the Indian Ocean," to US and European Universities, Civil Organisations and on the cruise ship "Lindblad Explorer." He also spoke in 1992 at the Heritage Foundation and Washington Press Club in Washington DC., USA and at the Cambridge Union Society in the UK.


Activities after returning to Seychelles in 1992

On his return to Seychelles on the 12th of April, 1992, he proclaimed himself, "Apostle of National Reconciliation" and has acted since as a statesman in the internal political process - seeking to promote National Reconciliation and promoting the concept of Seychelles First through the mouthpiece of his monthly magazine the "Seychelles Review/Le Revue de Seychelles."

1996 - Food Security Population & Development Conference - FAO, Geneva, Switzerland.
1996 - Lecturer on the Geo-Politics of the Indian Ocean at the International University of Japan - Niagata - Japan.

1998 - Conference on Challenges of Demilitarization of Africa - Arusha - Tanzania.

1999 - African Leadership International Conference on Regional Security Protocols and Demilitarization in Africa at Obasanjo Farm - Ota - Nigeria.

2000 - Keynote Speaker on the theme "World Peace and the Role of Island Nations in the New Millennium" at the Annual Conference of the Federation of Island Nations for World Peace - Seoul - Korea.
2000 - Keynote Speaker at the AfriCando Conference organized by The Foundation for Democracy in Africa (May) - Miami - Florida - USA.
2000 - Assembly 2000 held at the UN to discuss the future of the International Organizations (August) - New York - USA.
2000 - Keynote Speaker on "Good Governance in Africa" at the 22nd Annual Round Table Conference of the African Association for Public Administration and Management (AAPAM) - (November) - Mahe - Seychelles.

2001 - Keynote address on "Island Nations and the UN - in Partnership for World Peace" organized by the Federation of Island Nations at the Hilton Hotel (January) - New York City - USA.
2001 - Keynote Speaker at International Symposium "Serving Nation - Serving the World" - (May) - New York - USA.
2001 - Visited China as the official guest of the Chinese People Friendship Association.
2001 - Keynote Speaker at the Summit Council of World Peace Conference on "Global Violence: Crisis and Hope" - (October) - New York City - USA.

2002 - Assembly 2002 - "The Search for Solutions to Critical Global Problems" - (February) - Seoul - Korea.
2002 - IIFWP Convocation - "Governance and the Role of Religion in Peace and Security" - (September) - New York City - USA.

2003 - World Summit on Leadership and Governance - (February) - Seoul - Korea.
2003 - Guest Speaker at the Middle East Peace Initiative Conference - sponsored by IIFWP, Washington Times and United Press International - (February) - Washington, D.C. - USA.
2003 - "Dialogue among Civilizations: Quest for a New Perspective" Conference sponsored jointly by Indian Government and UNESCO - (July) - New Delhi - India.
2003 - The World Association of Non-Governmental Organization (WANGO) Conference - (September) - Thailand - Bangkok.
2003 - Launching of the Interreligious and International Peace Council (IIPC) - (October) - New York City - USA.
2003 - Keynote address on the theme "Enforceable International Law is the Need of the Hour" at the 4th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World - (December) - Lucknow - India.
2003 - The Middle Peace Initiative Symposium in Jerusalem sponsored by the Interreligious and International Peace Council - (December) - Israel/Palestine.

2004 - Conference and Good Governance for a World in Crisis - (January) - Seoul - Korea.
2004 - Participated in the IIPC: "Forging a Path to Peace at a Time of Global Crisis' Conference - April/May - Seoul - Korea.
2004 - The IIFWP Assembly 2005 World Culture and Sports Festival 2004 - (July) - Korea.
2004 - The World Industrial and Commercial Organizations Summit - (September) - Beijing - People's Republic of China.

2005 - The Mauritius Symposium on "Universal Values and Lasting Peace: Towards a new Model of Global Governance" - (January - Mauritius.
2005 - The 5th World Summit on "Leadership and Good Governance - (February) - Seoul - Korea.
2005 - The IIFWP Regional Preparatory Meeting - (June) - Addis Ababa - Ethiopia.
2005 - 6th World Summit on "Leadership and Good Governance" - (June) - Tokyo - Japan.
2005 - IIFWP Assembly 2005 as part of the World Culture and Sports Festival 2005 - (July) - Seoul - Korea.
2005 - Launching of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) and nominated Chairperson of its Presiding Council - (September) - New York - USA.
2005 - The International Symposium on "National and Inter-Ethnic Reconciliation and Religious Tolerance in the Western Balkans" - (October) - Belgrade - Yugoslavia.
2005 - WANGO (World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations) Annual Conference 2005 - (November) - Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic.
2005 - Keynote Speaker at the Maldivian Democratic Party's Congress - (December) - Male - The Republic of Maldives.

2006 - The 1st Assembly of the Universal Peace Federation - (February) - Seoul - Korea.
2006 - Delivered welcoming remarks to audience of 70,000+ at World Youth Festival Rally - (February) - Cheong Pyong, Korea.
2006 - UPF Asia-Pacific Islands Summit - "Towards a Regional Peace Council of Asia-Pacific Island Nations - (March) - Tokyo, Japan.
2006 - Delivered congratulatory remarks to 50,000+ audience at Chiba City International Conference Centre - (March) - Chiba, Japan.
2006 - Launching of World Future Council - (May) - Geneva, Switzerland.
2006 - World Peace Summit - (June) - Seoul - Korea.
2006 - The ECPD Study Group on Peace and Reconciliation in the Balkans - (June) - Sveti Stefan - Montenegro.
2006 - Delivered welcoming remarks at First Anniversary of UPF at the Lotte Hotel - (September) - Seoul - Korea, and elected President of the Global Peace Council of the UPF.
2006 - ECPD International Conference "National Reconciliation, Ethnic and Religious Tolerance in the Balkans - (October) - Belgrade - Serbia.

2007 - World Summit on Peace - "Forging New Alliance in a Tome of Global Conflict" - (February) - Seoul - Korea.
2007 - Leadership in a World in Crisis Seminar - (February) - Yeong Peong - Korea.
2007 - Attended World Future Council Founding Congress in Hamburg, Germany where he became Member of the Board of Advisors - (9th-14th May).
2007 - Attended the European Centre for Peace and Development (ECPD) Study Group on National Reconciliation and Human Security in the Western Balkans - Prizren - Kosovo - (12th June).
2007 - Invited to attend the 25th anniversary of The Washington Times Foundation + Conference - "American Leadership at a Time of Global Crisis - (May) - Washington, D.C. - USA.
2007 - Attended World Culture and Sports Festival in Seoul - Korea - (3rd-10th July).
2007 - Attended the 8th International Chief Justices of the World in Lucknow - India - (7th-10th December).

2008 - A guest of Warwick University's Student Union's - participated in a debate on "Suicide-Terrorism" - in UK - (25th January).
2008 - Attended the Annual General Meeting of the World Future Council - Haus Rissen - Hamburg - Germany - (18th-21st May).
2008 - Attended the Opening Preliminary of the International Leadership Conference of the UPF - "Toward a New Paradigm of Leadership and Good Governance" - Seoul - Korea - (12th June).
2008 - Co-chaired the meeting for European Centre for Peace and Development International Study Group on Reconciliation - Belgrade - (20th-21st June).
2008 - Attended World Entrepreneurship Forum - Evian - France - (13th-15th November).
2008 - World Leadership Conference and Europe Global Peace Festival - London - (20th-23rd November).


Activities in Year 2009

The year 2009 has certainly established Sir James Mancham as an international statesman. In January he participated in the International Leadership Conference of the Universal Peace Federation in his capacity as a member of the Presiding Council of the UPF and as President of its Global Peace Council. (For more information about UPF, please see website – www.upf.org). From Seoul, Korea – Sir James attended another UPF Convocation in New York City where he delivered a welcome address.

In March, Sir James co-chaired a Youth Leadership Conference in Nairobi, Kenya organized by the Global Peace Festival Association. (See website – www.youngleadersummit.org)

On 14th of May, he attended as a member of the Board of Advisors, the 2nd Annual Meeting of the World Future Council. (For more information, see www.worldfuturecouncil.org)

Between the 26th and 30th May, he participated at the Silk Road Mayor’s Forum, which took place in South Korea.

On the 13th of June, due to other domestic commitments, he had to abruptly cancel his participation in the International Conference of Jurists which was to be held in London, although he had accepted to serve as an Honorary Vice-President of the Association.

On 19th to the 21st of June, he was in Belgrade, Serbia as a member of the International Permanent Study Group of the European Centre for Peace and development. (Please see ECPD’s website – www.ecpdorg.net).

Between the 17th to 21st July, he visited the Maldives Islands as guest of the Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed. After that, as a member of the Advisory Board to the Play Football for Peace Foundation, he proceeded to Seville to attend the opening of the Peace Cup Tournament at Seville’s Olympic Stadium.

Following the summer holiday in Majorca with the family in August 2009, Sir James announced the publication in September of his autobiography (Seychelles Global Citizen). For more details, please see www.paragonhouse.com and thereafter visited Pretoria in the Republic of South Africa and Port-Louis, Mauritius for the first launching of the biography – afterwards he embarked on a two weeks promotional tour of the book in Florida, New York City and of course Washington, D.C. where the Washington Times in a half-page review, styled him “A man for all Regions.”

In October, he accepted the invitation of former Czech President, Mr Vaclav Havel to attend the 13th Edition of the 2000 Forum in Prague and some days later, he delivered a keynote address on behalf of the ECPD Academic Council in Ljubljana, Slovenia before departing to Brioni Island in Istria, Croatia to attend the 5th ECPD International Conference on National and Inter-Ethnic Reconciliation and religious Tolerance and Human Security.

On the 16th of November, he was in Berlin as guest of the Institute of Cultural Diplomacy for a Conference, organized to mark the 20th Anniversary of the break-down of the Berlin wall. (For more information on the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, please see website – www.culturaldiplomacy.org)

From 18th November to 22nd November, he participated in the 2nd Edition of the World Entrepreneurial Forum in Lyon, France (www.world-entrepreneurship-forum.org).


Activities on tomorrow's horizon

(i) 10th Chief Justices of the World Conference in Lucknow, India (December 2009) - as Honorary Co-Patron.

(ii) Bi-Annual Conference of World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO) in Manila, Philippines (December 2009).

(iii) Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. (As member of Board of Advisors of World Future Council).

(iv) International Conference (Russia and Global World: The Challenges of New Decade - (invitation from Academy of National Economy - January 2010).

(v) Conference hosted by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin on "Rise of Africa" to be held under Mr Mancham's patronage (January 2010).