» Honorary Citizen of Dade County Florida, USA (1963);
» Honorary Citizen of New Orleans, USA (1964);
» Elected Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts Manufacture and Commerce (1968);
» Certificate of Merit – International Who’s Who in Poetry 1974;
» Officier de l’Ordre National Française de la Légion d’Honneur 1976;
» Honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire (KBE 1976);
» Grand Medaille de la Francophonie 1976;
» Grand Medaille de Vermeille de la Ville de Paris 1976;
» Quiaad-i-Azam Gold Medal (Pakistan) 1976;
» Gold Medal City of Pusan (Republic of Korea, 1976);
» Patron of the Fourth Pan-African Ornithological Congress (Seychelles 1978);
» Gold Medal for Tourism, Mexico, 1977;
» Gold Medal of Chamber of Commerce and Industries of France 1977;
» Gold Medal Excellence Européenne “En Homage a ses Mérites
» Honorary Trustee Cary-Anne Lindblad Interprids Foundation 1986;
» Plaque of Appreciation Rotary Club of Manila, Philippines 1987;
» Chevalier Chaines Rotisseur 1993;
» Member of the International Palm Society 1994;
» Gold Medal Manucipality of Dubai 1995;
» Gold Medal City of Bombay 1996;
» Honorary Member of the International Consultative Board of the Institute of Strategic Studies and Development of Bracakaric University, Yugoslavia 1997;

» Judge of Miss World Beauty Pageant (Royal Albert Hall, London 1975); (Plantation Club, Seychelles 1997);
» Awarded Trophy of the Foundation for Democracy in Africa for the promotion of Peace, Reconciliation and Prosperity in Africa (Miami, Florida May 2000) and designated as ‘Ambassador for Peace’ by the International Federation for World Peace (New York City May 2001);
» Awarded the Leadership and Good Governance Award of the IIFWP in August 2004 (Seoul, Korea);
» Made Grand Officer of the “L’Ordre Illustre des Chevaliers de Meduse Priory – The World ResidenSea (Seychelles 28th January, 2005);
» Appointed Member of the Advisory Board of the International Council of Tourism Partners (ICTP) (January 2005);
» Awarded Doctorate of Philosophy (Honoris Causa) of the Sun Moon University of Korea (February 2005);
» Awarded an Honorary Professorship of the Kazakh National University of Technology in Almaty, Kazakhstan (July, 2005);
» Presented with Gold Medal of the Academic Council of the European Centre for Peace and Development (June 2006);
» Nominated Visiting Professor of the UN Peace University of Belgrade;
» Presented with the Scroll of Honour of International Council of Jurists and All India Bar Association at the International Conference of Jurists and the Rule of Law in New Delhi, India (November 24-25, 2007);
» Appointed official member of World Entrepreneurship Forum (2008)